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Engineers Board of Kenya Sensitizes Built Environment Stakeholders on Engineers Scale of Fees

Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) has called for closer working cooperation

among government agencies in the implementation of the engineers scale of

fees for professional engineers.


Built environment stakeholders in Kenya include  government, construction

firms, urban planners, surveyors, architects, regulators, county

governments, engineers, engineering institutions among others. “We encourage

all agencies to engage only professional services which will result in value

for money in the construction projects as well as guarantee public safety

and welfare,” said EBK Chairman Eng. Erastus K. Mwongera.


“A multiagency approach on collaboration will reduce the collapse of

buildings. Currently there are 3000 (registered) professional engineers and

the Board aims to increase the capacity to 10,000 professional engineers in

the next 5 years to be at par with the UNESCO ratio 1:5000 to realise

National Development Agenda in Kenya.


“EBK is encouraging County Governments  to come up with panels of

professional engineers to offer the services. This is because a lot of

development will be at the county level,” said the EBK Chairman.

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