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A Relentless Pursuit of Transparent and Efficient Procurement

The Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) is no longer on the cusp of change; it is now well into the process of revamping its procurement processes.

As the organization faced significant challenges in the past, KEMSA’s board has rolled up its sleeves to actualize its ambitious transformation agenda, shaping a future characterized by integrity, transparency, and efficiency.

Overhauling the Pre-Qualification System
The journey of transformation started in July, with the review and revocation of the existing list of pre-qualified suppliers. The organization embarked on an objective and impartial process to pre-qualify suppliers who will offer value for money. This step is a testament to KEMSA’s unwavering commitment to fair competition and securing the best deals to revamp the healthcare system.

Reviewing Costly Contracts
To ensure that every shilling spent benefits the nation, KEMSA has meticulously reviewed ongoing contracts procured through single sourcing and monopoly actions. Contracts lacking value for money were forwarded to the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) and other relevant Government agencies for advise on remedial action. This proactive approach seeks to optimize KEMSA’s resource allocation.

From Single Sourcing to Transparency
In line with its commitment to transparency, KEMSA has re-evaluated all existing framework contracts. The Authority has eradicated single sourcing and monopoly action, ensuring that items procured under framework contracts adhere to set standards and meet transparent procurement practices. KEMSA now promotes a level playing field, prioritizing cost-effectiveness and integrity.

Promoting Healthy Competition
KEMSA introduced the innovative lotting system, preventing any single bidder from monopolising contracts beyond a financial threshold. This approach fosters healthy competition and dismantles vested interests, ensuring value for money for every Mwananchi through the procurement process.

KEMSA’s transformation journey is now well underway, with tangible results on the horizon. By revamping its procurement processes, the Authority not only seeks to regain public trust, rebuild strategic partners confidence but also to serve the healthcare system more efficiently.

As the board takes decisive steps toward transformation, KEMSA is solidifying its role as a guardian of public health, ensuring healthcare products reach those in need promptly and transparently. This is a critical stride in KEMSA’s journey to create a healthier and more efficient healthcare system for all Kenyans.

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