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Ahmednasir Challenges Supreme Court Ban at East African Court of Justice

Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi has initiated legal action at the East African Court of Justice in Arusha, Tanzania, seeking to challenge a ruling that prohibits him and employees of his law firm from appearing before the Supreme Court of Kenya.

According to court documents obtained by Citizen Digital, Ahmednasir has filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General on behalf of the Government of Kenya, asserting that the decision made by the Justice Martha Koome-led court violates his rights to fair administrative action, access to justice, and a fair trial.

The Senior Counsel further alleges that the State has infringed upon his “universally accepted fundamental right to work.”

Consequently, Ahmednasir is requesting the East African Court of Justice to issue an order overturning the decision made by the highest court in Nairobi.

“In the court document, Ahmednasir seeks ‘an order directing the Respondent State to reverse the pronouncement made by its apex court on 18th January 2024 banning the Applicant from seeking an audience before the Supreme Court of Kenya including the employees of the Applicant’s law firm, anyone holding brief for the Applicant, or any other person acting under his instructions.'”

Additionally, he is seeking damages totaling Ksh. 200 million, citing legal fees forfeited due to the Supreme Court ban.

“He further requests that ‘the Honorable Court be pleased to award damages of Kshs. 200,000,000.00 or other sums to the Applicant being the fees that the Applicant forfeited for cases he had conduct of before the Supreme Court.'”

The Supreme Court of Kenya had previously ruled in January of this year that Ahmednasir would be prohibited from appearing before the Apex court due to alleged consistent distasteful remarks made by the senior counsel against the court and its judges on various media platforms.

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In a strongly-worded letter issued by Registrar L.M Wachira, the Supreme Court of Kenya also barred employees of Ahmednasir’s law firm from filing cases before it, acknowledging that the decision would impact the vocal advocate’s client list and their respective cases.

“It is the decision of this Court, that henceforth and from the date of this Communication, you shall have no audience before the Court, either by yourself, through an employee of your law firm, or any other person holding brief for you, or acting pursuant to your instructions,” read the letter.

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