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Baitul Hikma School to Suffer Huge Losses following Sakaja’s Directive

The International Hikma Baitul Integrated School faces a significant setback following Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja’s order for immediate relocation of inhabitants along riparian areas.

The directive comes after the construction of a swimming pool on the riparian of Mathare River by owners or tenants of L.R. No. 209/7547- Taza Lane, City Park Drive, Parklands. This river flows from Limuru Road towards Pangani, with two other buildings also constructed on the riparian.

Concerns have been raised regarding the illegal development by Hikma Baitul Integrated International School, which has interfered with the natural flow of the river. The potential risk of harm, particularly during ongoing floods, is alarming, especially with over 200 pupils set to resume classes.

A disgruntled neighbor of the school highlighted the dangers posed by the school’s proximity to the river, referring to it as a death trap for pupils as flooding is reported in the City.

Governor Sakaja emphasized the importance of heeding warnings and advisories issued by relevant authorities during the rainy season to mitigate the risk of floods. He urged residents to avoid unnecessary travel in flood-prone areas to ensure their safety.

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