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Bishop Wanjiru claims assault as a Section of her church is demolished

By Antynet Ford

Former Starehe Member of Parliament and televangelist Margaret Wanjiru of Jesus is Alive Ministries has accused shadowy government operatives of demolition of a section of her church.

Wanjiru who is a former aspirant for Nairobi Senator under the UDA ticket, accused the Kenya Kwanza government of turning its back on her, despite her spirited campaigns in the previous General Election.

Wanjiru claimed to have sustained injuries during the Wednesday, March 6 incident and will seek treatment.

“I have been attacked and beaten and sustained injuries on the hand and leg. I want to go to the hospital. They have beaten everyone in here, all my people inside there are bleeding.” Teary-eyed Bishop Wanjiru.

Wanjiru said people who claimed to have been sent by Kenya Railways descended on her property and began the demolitions, and roughed anyone who stood in their way.

“They have said they have been sent by Railways.” She added.

The fformer Nairobi Governor candidate, several people who identified themselves as DCI and NIS officers paid visits to the property on the Haile Selassie Highway before its demolition.

“I want to state categorically that Weruga lane does not have Railways property; this is our investment. The property is for our church.” she added.

Wanjiru, describing herself as one of Kenya’s chief kwanza campaigners in the Nairobi region, stated that she did not expect to be repaid in such a manner.

“I wasn’t campaigning to be repaid like this. Sadly, this is the government that we campaigned for.” Wanjiru said.

“I am yet to believe that they can do this to me. I am the one who sold UDA in Nairobi,.

A Nairobi court dismissed a case from 2022 that challenged the construction of a wall between Kenya Railways’ land and Bishop Margret Wanjiru’s church in Nairobi.

The case was filed by Bishop Wanjiru’s church, Jesus Is Alive Ministries (JIAM), Rhambai Patel, S&H Investments, and Soma Properties.

The petitioners sued Kenya Railways Corporation, Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS), and Kenya Urban Roads Authority, claiming that the ongoing development was obstructing their access to Railway Lane, Exchange Lane, Weruga Lane, and Haile Selassie Avenue.

Kenya Railways responded by claiming ownership of the entire area occupied by Wanjiru’s church and her neighbors.

According to Railways, the allocations to those properties were made irregularly and separated from its property.


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