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Buruburu Traffic officer suspended for taking bribe from Matatus

By Antynet Ford

The traffic police officer who was caught on camera allegedly collecting bribes from motorists has been suspended.

A communication by the police headquarters indicated they are carrying out proceedings for his dismissal.

“Further to our earlier communication on the ongoing administrative action, the officer has been suspended and disciplinary proceedings for his dismissal are ongoing.” They said

The officer had been recalled from the traffic unit by the National police Service to the police headquarters for further administrative action, after he was identified.

The officer, who had been attached to traffic within Buruburu police station, was caught on camera allegedly collecting bribes from Public Service Vehicles.

In a clip posted on TikTok, a uniformed traffic police officer is seen receiving something from drivers and conductors as Matatus pass by him.

What he receives though, cannot be ascertained from the clip.

The situation happened with at least two vehicles.

NPS has commended the public and members of the press for their continued collaboration with the service in the fight against corruption.

The Police Service assured the public that they remain committed to its constitutional mandate of fighting corruption, striving for the highest standards of professionalism and discipline among members.

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