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Church Calls for Consensus by Government and Doctors on Strike

By Shadrack Nyakoe

Bishops and commissioners of gospel drawn from the PCEA church have called on President William Ruto and his administration to have a dialogue with the doctors to end the ongoing strike.

They urged the parties involved to urgently resolve the standoff to ease the suffering of Kenyans.

“We note with great concern the ongoing health workers’ strike and its negative impact on the citizens. The Church commits to partner with government and other stakeholders to address mental health issues affecting Kenyans.

The Church will also partner with the government to promote access to mental health services and partner with experts and like-minded stakeholders to provide rehabilitation services,” stated the Secretary General of the General Assembly Robert Waihenya.

The ministers of gospel encouraged all to observe healthy-living practices such as a balanced diet, regular exercise and frequent medical check-ups to avoid and manage lifestyle diseases.

The Church also called for speedy transition to the Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF) and the prompt disbursement of funds to prevent further healthcare service disruptions.

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