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Controversy Erupts as Margaret Wanjiru’s Church Faces Demolition Amid Land Dispute

Tension gripped the Jesus is Alive Ministries church premises along the Haile Selassie Highway as a section of the establishment, owned by former Nairobi Gubernatorial aspirant Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, was razed to the ground on Wednesday.

The unexpected demolition, carried out by unidentified individuals, has sparked controversy amid an ongoing dispute over the land on which the church is situated.

The land in question is reportedly claimed by Kenya Railways, leading to a protracted legal battle between the church and the government agency. A contentious wall erected between the church property and the railway land has been a focal point of the dispute, with its fate hanging in the balance pending a court ruling.

Accompanied by area Member of Parliament Amos Mwago, Bishop Wanjiru decried the demolition as politically motivated, although the identity of the perpetrators remains undisclosed. Amid a heavy police presence, the demolition ensued, with Bishop Wanjiru expressing disbelief and anguish over the turn of events.

“This is not the repayment we expected after campaigning tirelessly. It’s disheartening that the very government we supported could resort to such actions,” lamented Bishop Wanjiru, visibly emotional as she recounted the ordeal. She alleged physical assault and theft of personal belongings during the confrontation.

Claiming injury sustained in the fracas, Bishop Wanjiru vehemently defended the church’s right to the land, refuting assertions that it encroached on government property. She questioned the government’s treatment of its citizens, citing the incident as emblematic of broader injustices faced by ordinary people.

The demolition attempt was not isolated, according to Bishop Wanjiru, who recounted a previous incident on February 10 when another group allegedly tried to bring down the same wall. She attributed the failed attempt to the presence of a wedding ceremony on the premises, insinuating a deliberate effort to evade accountability.

Police maintained their role in providing security to the demolition crew, raising questions about the government’s stance on the contentious issue. The church, however, remains steadfast, having acquired adjacent property as a safeguard against further encroachments on its land.

As the controversy unfolds, Bishop Wanjiru and her supporters vow to pursue legal recourse while calling attention to what they perceive as an infringement on their rights. The demolition marks a significant escalation in the longstanding dispute, underscoring the challenges faced by individuals and institutions in navigating complex land ownership issues in Kenya.

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