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Court documents to be accessed online by July as E-filing is officially launched

By Antynet Ford

Court documents will now be available online beginning July 1, 2024.

Speaking today during the launch of e-filling, Chief Justice Martha Koome said pleadings and court documents will be accessed and processed online.

The CJ said it is meant to strengthen the green practices that the Judiciary is embracing.

“No court should print pleadings and documents from July 1, 2024. The resources that go towards the purchase of printing paper will be used to buy desktops and laptops.” The CJ said.

According to Koome, this is a significant stride towards achieving a paperless Judiciary, aligning with its commitment to green justice.

She noted that the milestone is also a conscious effort to reduce the sector’s environmental footprint.

In emphasis, the CJ added that going paperless reflects the Judiciary’s dedication to sustainable practices and responsible stewardship of environmental resources.

“It exemplifies our broader commitment to a green justice agenda, wherein the Judiciary not only ensures the rule of law but also contributes to the protection of our planet,” she said.

“Through e-filing, we are demonstrating that the pursuit of justice can go hand in hand with environmental sustainability, setting a precedent for eco-conscious practices in the public sector.”

Koome also directed the Directorate of ICT to work towards enhancing the user experience within the Case Tracking System by improving the layout of documents.

She said the initiative should target making the platform more user-friendly, thereby facilitating easier navigation and interaction for all users.

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