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Detectives arrest quack running unregistered clinic in Kayole

By Antynet Ford

Detectives in Kayole have arrested a man in Kayole for allegedly running an unregistered clinic and being unprofessionally fit to offer medical services.

In a statement, the Directorate of Criminal Investigation boss Mohamed Amin said the arrest by a team of detectives and officers from the Pharmacy & Poisons Board followed a complaint from an affected patient.

A 31-year-old male said that between March 1 and March 27, 2024, the suspect charged him over Sh60,000 for sample tests allegedly at laboratories in some of the country’s renowned medical facilities before “diagnosing” him with a liver disorder.

He said the victim said that despite being given a prescription, the patient’s condition deteriorated forcing him to seek the opinion of another specialist at a city hospital.

“No lab test ran at the hospital pointed to any liver issues. Detectives uncovered that the medical reports issued to the patient by the quack purporting to be lab results were all fake and falsified.” Detectives said in their statement.

“Further, the Pharmacy and Poisons Board confirmed that the suspect neither had any proof of registration as a medical officer nor held a business registration certificate.” They added.

The suspect aged 45 was arrested and taken to Kamukunji Police Station where he awaits to be processed and charged in court next week.

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