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DOM FG Donates Sanitary Products To Mariakani Primary School In Mukuru Nyayo Slum

David Owusu Ministries (DOM) Future Generation (DOM FG) Youth Ministry, donated sanitary products a total of 150 girls at Mariakani Primary School in Mukuru Nyayo slum in Nairobi’s Makadara Constituency through its Future Generation Youth Ministry.

The visit was in celebration of the International day of the Girl Child which is commemorated globally every year on 11th of October. Mariakani Primary School is a Public – Primary School, located in Mukuru Nyayo Location, South B in Makadara Constituency, Nairobi County.

Welcoming the DOM FG team to the school was the Head Teacher, Mrs. Rachel Amata and Teacher, Ms. Hellen Gichana who disclosed that the institution hosts mostly children from the Mukuru Nyayo area and its environs.

Speaking during the event, the DOM FG Leader, Ms. Dorothy Lavuna, said that the donations were seeking to enable the girl child get basic sanitary items.

Ms. Dorothy Lavuna of David Owusu Ministries (DOM) presents sanitary items to a student at Mariakani Primary School in Mukuru Nyayo’s slum through an initiative that seeks to enable girls access sanitary items.

To some, these items may not be easily available and hence as a ministry we saw it good to remember the girls even as they go back to school and finish their final primary school year. Good deeds will always follow you and leaving a positive impact on the girls brings blessings to your fold,” said Ms. Dorothy Lavuna.

The Ministry also pledged to buy uniform for 15 students in class eight.

Mrs. Amata, the school Head Teacher thanked DOM for visiting and donating to the girls in the school. During her remarks she mentioned that the school has been blessed as they have several beneficiaries who come to donate various items, including putting up water for them; that has seen the area nearby including the estate where the school is domiciled benefiting.

“Today we are grateful that we have DOM FG coming to visit us. Your giving is a demonstration to the students that even as we receive the donations, we too ought to give in every little way, As the Bible states, whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward them for what they have done. And for DOM, your kindness and generosity demonstrate your call to equipping the teaching the young ones the act of giving. You are always welcome to come and visit,”said Mrs. Amata.

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