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Dr.Catherine Nyongesa Calls on Kenyans to Join Hands with the State to Cure Childhood Cancer

By Shadrack Nyakoe

According to Texas Cancer Centre Co- Founde who doubles as the Kenya’s  first female oncologist and Cancer specialist Expert Dr. Catherine Nyongesa, collaborative efforts is key  in the war against  childhood Cancer hence the need to work together.

Speaking to the press Dr. Nyongesa said that private sectors play a significant role in the war against cancer and called on the importance of joining hands.

“A Mult-national approach that includes all the private sectors can easily help the government to eradicate childhood cancer, its actually curable,” Said Dr. Nyongesa.

Dr. Nyongesa said that the war against child hood cancer has been hampered by lack of enough machination especially in the developing countries like Kenya.

“Developing countries needs to invest more in modern equipments as they are key in the war against childhood Cancer, ” She said.

Dr. Nyongesa further emphasized on the importance of training enough cancer experts and the need to increase cancer awareness as a way of eradicating it.

“The government needs to increase human capital and train more Pediatric oncology nurses as they are key in the war against cancer,” she added.

She advised Kenyans to avoid risky behaviours like smoking while Pregnant as they can lead to cancer related complications.

According to a survey at least 3,000 children are diagnosed with cancer annually.

Some of them the said children live for at least five years but most them eventually get cured.

The survey shows that most children suffer from Leukemia and Lympoma which are mostly blood related cancer.

They also suffer from Kidney Related Cancer like ; Wilms Tumor, Brain Tumor, Retinoblastoma cancer that most affect the eye.

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According to Dr. Nyongesa support system given to the children largely contribute to their recovery.

“We have treated alot of children here at the Texas Cancer Centre who are now cured completely from cancer, the disease is curable especially among children,” she said.

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