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Equity Bank Opens new branch in Mariakani

By Antynet Ford

Equity Bank has opened its newest branch in Mariakani, strategically located along the bustling Mombasa – Nairobi Highway.

This expansion is part of the Bank’s ongoing effort to enhance accessibility to banking services and bring financial services closer to the communities they serve.

The Mariakani branch joins Equity’s extensive network, increasing its presence to 20 branches in the Coast region and 205 branches across the country.

This new branch in Mariakani is one of four recent openings by Equity Bank across the country, including locations in Hindi at Lamu Port, Kisii Stage Plaza along Daraja Moja – Nyamataro Road, and at the Imaara Mall, along Mombasa Road in Nairobi. Situated in a commercial hub, this new branch promises to cater to the diverse financial needs of individuals, businesses, and organizations in the region.

In addition to traditional banking services, the branch will serve as an advisory centre, emphasizing the Bank’s commitment to providing personalized financial solutions and contributing to community empowerment through various social impact initiatives such as the Wings to Fly and Elimu scholarship programs, financial literacy training, tree growing, clean energy, and environmental conservation initiatives among others.

Moreover, all Equity Bank branches are interconnected across the six markets the Bank operates in.

This interconnectivity allows customers to deposit or withdraw money in any of its branches, for example, depositing in Mariakani and accessing the funds in Kampala, Uganda or Kinshasa, DRC through Equity’s borderless banking (intercountry) payments and account settlement solution.

This solution facilitates easy trading within the East African Region, making it an ideal partner for businesses looking to expand their operations across borders.

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