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Family Bank Voted Overall Second Best In Customer Experience

By Catherine Muema,

Family Bank has been voted as the overall second-best bank and best tier two bank in customer responsiveness and digital banking experience in a survey conducted by the Kenya Bankers Association.

The 2022 survey obtained over 33,000 responses countrywide. Family Bank for the third-year running has maintained the position as best tier two bank and been voted among the overall best bank in customer responsiveness and satisfactory digital experience.

“Channels leveraging on technology emerged to be the most preferred banking channels with mobile banking emerging top with 67.8%. This trend continues to be our main key focus as a Bank because our aggressive 5-year strategic plan is pegged on digitally leading the Bank to tier 1 status while offering exceptional customer experience,” said Family Bank Chief Operations Officer John Ndugi.

According to the survey, preference for internet or online banking was cited to also be on the rise with 23.3 % of the respondent’s expressing preference for it. Moreover, the preference for branch banking came in third at 17.6 % and ATMs fourth at 16.9% while both agency banking and card payments or touchpoints came in fifth at 6.1%.

“We are delighted to see the commitment we put in reflects on the experience our customers receive on a day-to-day basis. This recognition for the third-year running is a testament that our services and products continue to transform the lives of our customers,” he added.

The survey further noted that over the years bank customers are preferring fully automated or self-service modes including mobile, internet and chatbots when accessing banking services. 45.6% of respondents preferred this mode of interaction while 15.5 % of the respondents preferred human-assisted service including call centers and branches.

For customer support, a majority of the respondents, 46.4% preferred human-assisted forms of services such as call centres and branches in comparison to 22.4% who prefer fully automated or self-service interventions such as mobile, internet and chatbots.

In terms of promoting access to banking services for persons with special needs, the survey showed that 13.8 % of the respondents needed special accommodation like braille, ramp, screen reader and voiced aid to access banking services. Out of the respondents’, 93.5 % nearly eight out of every 10 bank customers, were able to use banking services independently.

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