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Family of five admitted, six-year-old boy succumbs after taking poisonous Cassava

By Antynet Ford

Members of a family are admitted at Nyamira referral hospital while one of their little boys succumbed to death after they consumed suspected poisonous cassava.

The six-year-old boy lost his life as other family members were admitted to the hospital.

Naomi Kerubo and her four children consumed the suspected poisonous cassava that she got from a neighbour where she worked as a casual labourer over the weekend.

“I had gone to work at a nearby farm as a hired casual for that day. After that the neighbour asked me to get some cassava for lunch.” she explained.

At around 6 pm, Naomi and her children started experiencing abdominal pains, diarrhea, vomiting and dizziness.

The six-year-old, now deceased collapsed, prompting Naomi to call for help from neighbours who rushed her and other children to the Ekerenyo sub-county hospital for treatment.

They received first aid services at Ekerenyo before they were referred to the Nyamira County Referral Hospital for specialized treatment, where the six-year-old boy succumbed.

One of the children is currently admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) while Naomi and two other kids were treated and discharged yesterday evening.

Nyamira County Referral Hospital acting medical superintendent Angela Ogendi said the mother and the two children are in stable condition.

“The one that is in ICU is stabilizing and once she is okay we will have her discharged to the normal ward, the rest of the family members are in stable condition.” Ogendi said.

The locals have called upon experts to help us know how the cassava that the family consumed ended up causing death and health hazards.

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