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Five Women arrested with cocaine worth 3.5M at JKIA

By Antynet Ford

Five women have been arrested after a botched cocaine traffic mission to Madagascar from Nairobi.

The 55 pellets worth Sh3.5 million were intercepted at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport by the Anti-Narcotics detectives where they had planned to traffic through.

Detectives from anti-narcotics said they noted the nose candy stuffed in a woman’s undergarments and rerouted her travel itinerary to a police cell.

A woman was reportedly flagged down at terminal A1’s central screening area, as she checked in to board a flight to Madagascar.

A body scanner at the checkpoint reportedly revealed suspicious items concealed around her privates, triggering a quick search that saw over 600 grams of the highly addictive drug discovered.

A spot test conducted on the discovery was positive for the coca product, police said.

After a moment of interrogation by female anti-narcotics officers, the woman claimed to have been recruited by a Ugandan national who resides in Nairobi.

The detectives traced the Ugandan national to Accra Road in Nairobi CBD where she was arrested.

The second suspect reportedly led officers to a building and into a beauty shop, where a search was conducted and another 33 pellets of crack found.

Therein, three more suspects were also rounded up.

Presumptive test on the second recovery also tested positive for cocaine, weighing approximately 396 grams.

Police said investigations are ongoing jointly with the InterPol team to track down the recipients of the drugs at Antananarivo.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations director Mohamed Amin said their operations are progressing well and warned no one will be spared.

“We have made good progress in the ongoing nationwide enforcement program against illicit alcohol, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. We will not stop.” Amin said.

This is the latest recovery of the hard drugs in an ongoing operation targeting traffickers and consumers.

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