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Government Changes Half-Term Dates Unexpectedly Due to Finance Bill Protests

By Antynet Ford

The Ministry of Education has announced the change of half term break allowing students to begin the holiday today. (Monday, June 24, 2024)

In a memo to all principals, the Ministry of Education said the early break is meant to give students and parents enough time to make travel plans before the planned Finance Bill protests on Tuesday, June 25.

“It was communicated that since Tuesday has been marked for protests it will not be safe to release our learners for half term that day because there might be challenges of transport and safety due to Finance Bill protests.”

This is a change to an earlier arrangement where the second term’s half-term break was scheduled to begin on Wednesday, June 26.

Some of the principals said the students were to be released from Tuesday, June 25 for the mid-term breaks.

CS Education Ezekiel Machogu emphasized that students should not be released on Tuesday, June 25, and allowed day schools to close for half term after the end of lessons on Monday, June 24.

“Same ought to be for primary schools which are also day particularly those in urban areas.” He said.

Machogu directed the rest of the schools that are not releasing learners today, June 24, to break on Wednesday after the protests.

The principals were directed to compile the information and provide a compliance report.

On May 29, Education PS Belio Kipsang announced changes of half term dates for the second term for all Pre-Primary, Primary, and Secondary Schools.

In a circular copied to all County Directors of Education Kipsang said the dates have been moved to 26th and 28th June 2024.

Previously, the mid-term breaks were scheduled to start from June 20 to June 23.

“Following the disruption of the opening dates, it has been decided that the Half-Term dates for Term Two, 2024 be revised as follows: Original Dates 20th – 23rd June 2024; New Dates 26th -28th June 2024.” The PS said.

Kipsang said that all learners in boarding schools will be expected to report back on 30th June 2024.

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