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“I dream Samidoh will pay my dowry soon”- Karen Nyamu

By Antynet Ford

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has said she has dreams of musician Samuel Muchoki popularly known as Samidoh paying her dowry.

Renowned for her tumultuous relationship with a married musician, Nyamu recently addressed various aspects of her life in an exclusive interview with local media saying that she cherishes the companionship of Samidoh every day of her life.

“I can say that I dream of him paying dowry for me one day. I cherish his companionship and our everyday life. As for plans, I can’t provide a definitive answer at this moment.” She said.

The spotlight on Nyamu intensified when Samidoh’s wife, Edday Nderitu, relocated to the US with their three children citing security concerns.

In response, Nyamu questioned the authenticity of Nderitu’s claims, stating that she did not believe in the statement of Nderitu being threatened.

“I might be underestimating, but I don’t believe what she said about being threatened. Didn’t everyone see how she was glowing when she was in Kenya?”

Nyamu continued to express her perspective on the matter, saying:

“If that is true, how did she manage to put up the happy face when it was all fake? Does that also mean that wherever she is, she is faking it since she also looks very happy? It is good that what we see is also what we should be getting. In my view, she appeared genuinely content in her marriage.”

On the topic of her future with Samidoh, Nyamu remained non-committal, stating:

“I don’t plan things in my life; we simply navigate life as it unfolds. As for plans, I can’t provide a definitive answer at this moment.”

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