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KFCB arrests William Getumbe over his ‘Yesu Ninyandue’ Song

By Antynet Ford

Controversial gospel artist William Getumbe was yesterday arrested by the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB over non-compliance with the Films and Stage Play Act.

KFCB noted that Getumbe popularly known for the song Yesu Ninyandue is currently being detained in Eldoret.

“The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) through its North Rift Regional Office, Eldoret and with the support of Police from Kapsoya Police Station have arrested and detained Gospel artiste William Getumbe over non-compliance with the Films and Stages Play Act, Cap 222 of the laws of Kenya.” KFCB stated.

The regulator also stated that the musician’s arrest follows the lapse of a seven-day demand notice issued to him for violating the Films and Stage Play Act.

Getumbe is set to be arraigned in court today and he is expected to face several charges including filming without a license which contravenes Part II, Section 4 of Cap 222, and distribution and exhibition of unclassified audio-visual content in breach of Part III, Section 12 of the Cap 22.

The artiste will also be charged with distribution, public exhibition, and possession of ‘obscene’ cinematograph films and public exhibition of indecent shows/performances tending to corrupt morals contrary to Section 181 (1)(a) and (e) of the penal code.

KFCB recently asked Getumbe to pull down the song from his platforms emphasizing that it was a threat to the safety of children and members of the public.

Getumbe’s song was flagged alongside Embrambamba’s ‘Niko Uchi‘ song which was termed dangerous and disastrous to minors.

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