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Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai defends meeting Gachagua after Azimio Summon

By Antynet Ford

Kileleshwa Member of County Assembly Robert Alai has defended his attendance of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s meeting with elected leaders at his Karen residence after being summoned by Azimio Party-coalition.

Alai clarified that he had not received any prior communication against attending government functions and the rationale behind restrictions.

The legislator has emphasized the importance of elected leaders engaging in policy making discussions criticizing the decision to question his attendance to Gachagua’s Nairobi River action plan meeting.

“I question the rationale behind restricting elected officials from attending government functions in official capacities. Elected leaders are representatives of the people, not mere followers of directives that do not serve their constituents’ best interests. How can we prevent adverse outcomes for those we represent by being barred from such critical discussions?” Alai questioned.

According to Alai, the meeting was held at the DP’s official residence hence questioning it is unethical dalliance.

He poked holes into the disconnect with the leadership of the assembly saying that a communication to attend the said meeting was made by the speaker through an internal memo.

Alai added that the directive contravenes with article 14 of the political parties Act that advocates for inclusivity and representation.

“Our city faces dire environmental challenges, evidenced by tragic incidents such as the loss of young Ashley Atika to floods in Waruku and the ongoing pollution issues in Riverside, Kileleshwa. These critical issues were on the agenda in the meeting with the Deputy President, underscoring the necessity of my presence there.” The legislator pointed out.

“The notion of seclusion in political manoeuvring serves neither the interests of those who have elected us nor those of Nairobi at large. Our role as elected officials is to engage fully in all platforms where policies affecting our electorate are discussed, irrespective of political affiliations.” He added.

In a letter dated Second May 2024 by the Majority Chief Whip and Kilimani MCA Moses Ogeto, Alai was accused of attending the meeting at Karen even though according to Ogeto Azimio MCAs had been warned against attending it.

In the letter, according to Ogeto, it was wrong for Alai to show interest in supporting the policies by the Kenya Kwanza government on the Nairobi River Action plan as he termed KK their rivals.

Alai is among the two members who have been summoned by the Majority Chief Whip to explain their attendance of the meeting and why they support the government.

Utawala’ MCA Patrick Karani who is a member of the Jubilee Party was also written the letter by the Whip to explain the same.

The two MCAs recently went to court in a petition by Karani to stop the reconstitution of disbanded water and Sanitation committee and the Public Accounts Committee after they were ‘illegally’ removed.

Gachagua applauded Alai for choosing to attend the said meeting terming it is as the best move for the betterment of Nairobians.

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This comes months after the Jubilee party through the majority chief whip punished three jubilee party members after they attended a meeting with Gachagua.

The three included nominated MCA Wanjiru Kariuki, Karura MCA Fiu ni Fiu and Karibangi South MCA Robert Mbatia who were removed from all committees but later added back.

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