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Kitui: Nineteen-year-old girl kills mother-in-law over unknown issues

By Antynet Ford

Police in Ikutha, Kitui County have launched investigations into the death of a fifty-five-year-old lady who is suspected to have been killed by her daughter-in-law.

19-year-old Faith Mwikali Mwania was arrested by the police and placed in custody awaiting arraignment over claims she killed her mother-in-law and partially burnt her body in a domestic fight.

The body of Veronica Ndinda Maneene, was found outside her home.

She had been hit by a blunt object and partially burnt using a mattress, police who visited the scene said.

Detectives investigating the murder said preliminary findings show the woman hit her mother-in-law in the head after a domestic quarrel.

The reasons for the quarrel are yet to be established as the slain woman and the suspect were the only ones who were in the house then, police said.

After the murder, Faith dragged the body of her mother-in-law outside the house and partially burnt it using pieces of old mattresses before heaping loose stones on it.

Police arrived at the scene and found the body partially covered by the stones.

The body was moved to Mutomo Level Four Hospital mortuary for preservation and postmortem.

Police officers said they are investigating the motive of the murder.

Police plans to make a miscellaneous application in court to detain her for mental assessment before she is charged.

Cases of murder are on the rise amid efforts to address the trend. Some cases remain unsolved, police say.

In a different case, police are investigating the death of a man whose body was found at a makeshift he had been sleeping in Lunga Lunga slums, Nairobi.

The body of Jackson Wambua, 39 was found in the makeshift on Sunday morning long after he had died.

The cause of the death is yet to be established, police said.

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