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LSK Celebrates Unconditional Release of Arrested Protesters in Nairobi

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK), under the leadership of President Faith Odhiambo, has welcomed the unconditional release of several protesters detained during demonstrations in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD).

The protests were held to express discontent with the Finance Bill.

President Faith Odhiambo highlighted the dedicated efforts of LSK members across Nairobi to secure the release of the detained protesters. “After a long day of dedicated efforts from members of the Law Society of Kenya across Nairobi, we are happy to inform the public that the protestors are currently being released from Kilimani, Kamukunji, and Central Police Stations,” she stated.

The LSK national council maintained a vigil at Central Police Station to ensure the release of all detainees. Members of the society were also active at Kilimani Police Station, where they secured the release of protesters earlier in the day.

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Similarly, the council camped at Kamukunji Police Station to oversee the release of those held there and called on nearby members to assist.

“We remain steadfast in ensuring the rule of law is not circumvented and the rights of our people are respected,” President Odhiambo affirmed. She expressed gratitude for the public’s support and encouragement and praised the brave advocates who stood up for justice.

The LSK’s actions underscore their commitment to upholding legal rights and supporting those who protest peacefully against perceived injustices.

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