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Makini Group of Schools Partner with Aquavita to Fight Plastic Pollution

By Francis Zyder

Inline with its goals to maintain a sustainable working and learning environment and as a member of the UN Global Compact, Makini Group of Schools has taken the initiative to eliminate plastic water bottles from its workplace in partnership with Aquavita, a company that aims to provide eco-friendly, safe and cost effective drinking water solutions.

The initiative was launched on Wednesday February 5 at 2 P.M at Makini Schools, Ngong Road Campus. In attendance were Makini Group of Schools Executive Director Ms. Angelica Ouya,Aquavita Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mrs. Jane Snow, Aquavita Chief Operating Officer ( COO) Mr. Barack Odhuno and class 8 pupils who are members of The Environment Club at Makini School

By using Aquavita’s bottle-less water dispensers, Makini School will be protecting the environment from 127,575kgs of Carbon Dioxide on a monthly basis

“Think of this as having an impact 50 years from now,”Ms. Angelica Ouya, Makini Schools Executive Director told the school’s Environment Club. ‘’Our aim is to provide access to safe drinking water to as many local schools as possible in a sustainable manner’’` Jane, CEO Aquavita added.

Aquavita works with organizations and institutions across EA to promote a plastic free culture in workplaces. “We are thrilled to be champions of environmental sustainability in learning institutions because it provides a platform for instilling culture of caring for the environment in our children and consequently our future.” Said Jane. “Environmental sustainability should begin with the youngest among us and pupils such as yourselves should aim to create awareness and share ideas with the community and family members on environmental protection’’

This service has been implemented across all the Makini Schools both in Nairobi and Kisumu county.

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