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Man stabbed to death in confrontation over a girlfriend

By Antynet Ford

A middle-aged man lost his life over the weekend in Kasarani, Nairobi after he was fatally stabbed in a confrontation over a woman.

Police said the incident happened after the men had left the bar where they had been drinking.

Two men and a lady known to them had been drinking at a bar and had left headed home when they met a man only known to them as Fredrick who is the deceased now.

The woman is believed to be the girlfriend of the deceased.

According to police, the deceased tried to inquire what the woman was doing with the men prompting a confrontation.

It was then that one of the men in the company of the woman removed a penknife from his jacket stabbed Fredrick in the neck and immediately ran away with the lady.

“The deceased tried inquiring why his girlfriend was with the men and what they were doing. It was then that the assailant removed a penknife from his jacket and stabbed him.” The police explained.

The victim attempted to run after him but he fell a few metres ahead and succumbed to the injuries, witnesses told police.

Police were called to the scene and picked up the body to the mortuary pending autopsy.

The hunt on the assailant is ongoing, police handling the matter said.

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