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Muthangari Primary, JSS receives Eco-Friendly Bags from Air France-KLM

By Antynet Ford

Pupils at Muthangari Primary & Junior Secondary School have received a donation of 174 eco-friendly bags and pouches from Air France-KLM.

The bags are creatively repurposed from old billboards and banners, symbolizing Air France-KLM’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its proactive approach to promoting a greener, cleaner future.

The initiative supports the reduction of waste and provides students with practical and sustainable solutions for their everyday needs.

“By repurposing these materials that would otherwise contribute to waste, we are working to instill in our children the values of sustainability and resourcefulness,” said Air France – KLM Regional General Manager for East and Southern Africa, Marius van der Ham.

Air France-KLM and Muthangari Primary & Junior Secondary School have an ongoing relationship that has seen the airline group address the school’s various needs, including painting classrooms, repairing desks, provisioning stationery supplies, and implementing mentorship programs.

(L-R), Air France – KLM Regional General Manager for East and Southern Africa, Marius van der Ham, addresses pupils of Muthangari Primary School during a donation event. Also present is Air France – KLM Country Sales Manager for Kenya & Offline Markets, Hildabeta Amiani. The event saw 174 pupils receiving eco-friendly bags made from repurposed billboards and banners.


These efforts underscore the company’s approach to corporate social responsibility and its commitment to supporting education and environmental conservation.

“We are grateful to Air France-KLM for their generous donation and ongoing support,” said Monica Akinyi, the Head teacher of the Muthangari Primary & Junior Secondary School.

“These bags serve as practical items for our students and also represent a valuable lesson in sustainability.”

Billboards are usually made of heavy-grade vinyl, which typically turns into waste at the end of a campaign. By repurposing, the airline provides children from underprivileged communities with long-lasting bags, while protecting the environment from unnecessary landfills.

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