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Naivas Offers 24/7 Service at Airport View Branch, Enhancing Retail Convenience for Shoppers

Naivas has Introduced 24-hour operations at its Airport View branch along Mombasa Road.

This expansion aims to accommodate diverse schedules and meet the needs of customers at any time of the day or night. With this, Naivas now boasts six 24-hour outlets, including locations in Nairobi CBD, Westlands, Mombasa, and Development House.

The move reflects Naivas’ commitment to adapting to evolving consumer lifestyles. Customers can now enjoy uninterrupted shopping experiences, with a wide range of products available round the clock.

Freshness is ensured through continuous restocking of produce, bakery items, and snacks throughout the day and night.

Peter Mukuha, Chief of Operations, assures customers of dedicated assistance and a smooth shopping experience, regardless of the hour.

Andreas Von Paleske, Chief of Strategy, emphasizes Naivas’ dedication to serving customers whenever they need, be it early mornings or late nights.

Naivas invites everyone to experience the convenience of shopping at its 24-hour branches, reaffirming its commitment to delivering a world-class shopping experience.

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