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NCBA and Fanaka Real Estate Ltd Collaborate to Revolutionize Real Estate Financing

In a bid to transform the real estate market and promote accessible homeownership, NCBA Bank and Fanaka Real Estate Ltd have announced groundbreaking financing solutions for land purchase and construction.

This collaboration aims to provide up to 100% financing options, unlocking new opportunities for aspiring homeowners.

Moses Muriithi, CEO of Fanaka Real Estate Ltd, emphasized the company’s commitment to making homeownership accessible to all. “Together with NCBA, we are revolutionizing the real estate landscape by offering affordable land ownership solutions in Machakos, Kiambu, and Kajiado. Our clients can now access financing for land purchase and construction, facilitating their journey towards owning their dream homes.”

The partnership between NCBA and Fanaka Real Estate Ltd underscores a shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Tirus Mwithiga, NCBA Group Director of Retail Banking, highlighted the importance of embracing real estate technology in meeting the evolving needs of investors and homeowners.

“In the face of growing investor interest, embracing real estate technology is crucial. Our partnership with Fanaka Real Estate Ltd focuses on innovation to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. We’re committed to introducing groundbreaking initiatives that promote growth,” said Mwithiga.

Through this collaboration, NCBA and Fanaka Real Estate Ltd aim to streamline the process of land purchase and construction financing, making it more accessible and convenient for prospective homeowners.

By leveraging innovative solutions and technology, the partners seek to revolutionize the real estate sector and create opportunities for individuals and families to realize their homeownership dreams.

The financing solutions offered by NCBA and Fanaka Real Estate Ltd are expected to cater to a wide range of clients, including first-time homebuyers, investors, and developers.

With flexible financing options and personalized service, the partners aim to empower individuals and communities to achieve their homeownership goals while driving growth and development in the real estate industry.

As the demand for affordable housing continues to rise, initiatives like this collaboration between NCBA and Fanaka Real Estate Ltd play a pivotal role in addressing the housing needs of Kenyan citizens.

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By providing innovative financing solutions and leveraging technology, the partners are poised to revolutionize the real estate market, unlocking new opportunities and transforming the homeownership landscape for the better.

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