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Ngei MCA Clashes with Houses Leadership, Leads to Adjournment Before Time

Drama unfolded at the Nairobi County Assembly on Tuesday as the Ngei Ward representative Redson Otieno Onyango clashed with the Sergeants-at-arms while attempting to resist the orders of Speaker Kennedy Ng’ondi to remove him from the chamber for constant disruptions.

According to the assembly’s standing orders, if interruptions persist for more than 5 minutes, the session may be adjourned.

Otieno’s resistance stemmed from his alleged wrongful removal as the chairperson of the water sectoral committee in the House.

Otieno argued that the procedures used to oust him were unconstitutional and contrary to the standing orders.

He claimed he was not given a fair chance to defend himself against accusations of misconduct, corruption, and incompetence.

In a defiant act, the disgruntled MCA lay on the ground, shouting, _heri mniue lakini hiyo mabadiliko haisomwi_ (It’s better to kill me than to accept these changes), and removed his necktie and coat, which he left on the House floor. Despite attempts by the Sergeants-at-arms to remove him, Otieno’s allies intervened, preventing his expulsion from the chamber.

Otieno faces allegations of misappropriating Ksh.15,000,000 from the Nairobi City Water & Sewerage Company (NCWSC) intended for a members’ trip.

His Kileleshwa Ward counterpart, Robert Alai was also removed from the public accounts committee after exposing the Assembly top leadership for misappropriation of Ksh.1.3 billion during a Senate session, this led to an tense atmosphere in the assembly.

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