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Police probe death of form one student at Kilungu boys ten days after admission

By Antynet Ford

Police in Makueni county are probing the death of a Form One student ten days after he was admitted to Kilungu Boys High School.

The family of the late Emmanuel Kirima is crying foul that their child could have died of beatings as he had facial and head injuries but the school maintains that Kirima complained of stomach aches and was rushed to Kilungu level three hospital where he died before receiving treatment.

The parents said they were devastated by the news and that their son’s health might have been handled poorly.

“I was not informed to come and check on my son when he was sick but they took him to the morgue. I suspect there is something hidden as my son has never had any sickness or complications.” Joshua Kaimenyi, the father of the fifteen year old student stated.

The school declined to tell the family whether he was injured through a fight, a fall or an act of bullying before he was taken to the hospital.

There seemed to be a difference between the report by the school and the hospital as according to the explanation of the deceased’s aunt, the report by the school indicated that the boy was brought to be treated while the hospital report indicated he was brought in while already dead.

“I found the boy with a mark on the forehead going deep. It’s an injury that is visible and another one on the head at the front. My question is the report they gave us was that they brought him for treatment here but the report by the hospital indicates he was brought already dead. What could they be hiding from us?” Lisa Mwongera, the aunt to the deceased questioned.

Investigations indicate the boy was first rushed to a private hospital before being rushed to the level three hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“Emmanuel Kirima was brought in on the January 25, 2024 at around mid-day and he was dead on arrival in the accompaniment of a teacher. No treatment took place at our facility nor resuscitation.” Everlyne Kitungo, the medical superintendent at Kilungu hospital stated.

Kilungu boys high school principal Geoffrey Muema said the school did what they are required when a student falls ill.

He said they were equally shocked when the hospital said the boy was already dead.

“The student fell sick and we did what we could by rushing him to the hospital. The information that the boy had injuries is false and it can be confirmed through the medical report and the officers investigating the case.

The family moved the body to Chiromo where a postmortem was to be conducted today and ascertain the cause of death.

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