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Odinga faces backlash from online committee after meeting with Ruto

By Antynet Ford

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has today faced significant backlash from the social media as he announced his decision to engage in a dialogue with President William Ruto to address the nation’s current crisis.

The public response was swift and critical, particularly from the youth, who questioned Odinga’s role in representing their interests in the talks.

Despite the skepticism surrounding the upcoming six-day multi-sectorial forum, scheduled to commence on July 15th, Odinga expressed optimism about the potential for dialogue to address the pressing issues affecting the country.

However, his sentiments were met with skepticism and concern about the true intentions behind the dialogue.

Critics, including Odinga’s own running mate Martha Karua, warned against the potential pitfalls of engaging in dialogue that could undermine the demands of the Gen Z demographic.

The sentiment was echoed by many online users who expressed a lack of confidence in political figures to effectively represent the youth’s interests.

As the debate unfolded online, Odinga’s son distanced himself from his father’s stance, emphasizing the importance of individual autonomy in expressing opinions.

The skepticism and distrust towards Odinga’s involvement in the dialogue were palpable, with many expressing a reluctance to be represented by political figures with a history of failed dialogue attempts.

The online discourse also took a personal turn, with Odinga’s private information being shared and manipulated in an attempt to discredit his role in the dialogue.

The sentiment of disapproval towards Odinga’s involvement in the talks was widespread, with many emphasizing the need for genuine accountability and reform without political interference.

In the face of mounting pressure and skepticism, Odinga’s credibility and intentions were called into question, with many viewing his participation in the dialogue as a hindrance rather than a solution to the nation’s challenges.

The youth, in particular, remained steadfast in their commitment to holding the government accountable and maintaining their autonomy in driving meaningful change.

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