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Revealing The Lavish Spa Experiences At Soho Barbershop and Beauty Spa

Self-care, wellness, grooming and relaxation have taken on a whole new dimension with lavish spa experiences and luxurious treats offering the highest levels of peace of mind to those who appreciate the finer things in life. From lavish treatments to luxurious surroundings, the spa business in Kenya is catching on as more and more Kenyans continue to embrace plush pampering and indulging like royalty! Mrs. Hannah Mwihaki Kibera, the founder and Managing Director at Soho barbershop and beauty spa opens up to Corporate Watch Magazine on the lavish spa experiences.

Luxury barbershops and spas have become popular in recent times for the exclusive physical and mental indulgence. According to Mrs. Hannah Mwihaki Kibera, the proprietor of Soho Barbershop and Beauty Spa, once you walk into their premises you feel like you’ve entered a different world filled with relaxation and tranquility.

Their privacy and exclusivity, provides you with an environment to recharge in a serene, not over-crowded environment that ultimately makes you feel relaxed beyond measure.

Opening its doors for business on 14th February 2024, Soho barbershop and beauty spa is located on 14 Mtito Andei road in the swanky Kilimani estate in Nairobi-Kenya and offers luxury day spa services ranging from haircuts, facials, manicures, pedicures, massages, aromatherapy as well as body treatments, dreadlocks services among others.

Having lived in Dallas- Texas in the United States and experiencing top of the range barbershop and spa services, Hannah was dissatisfied with the services she received here when she relocated to Kenya and the idea to bridge the gap and be a spa owner was born.

Inspired by passion for the craft and the desire for quality services coupled by an entrepreneur spirit she set out to establish Soho barbershop and beauty spa thus bringing the Dallas experience to Nairobi.

‘We are dedicated to pampering the body, nurturing the mind and renewing the spirit. It is our desire to attract people to come and relax, refresh and rejuvenate in our beautiful space of tranquility where you will find a little piece of paradise in the middle of and in the bustle and hustle of Nairobi.

Soho Barbershop and Beauty Spa proprietor Mrs. Hannah Mwihaki Kibera,
Soho Barbershop and Beauty Spa proprietor Mrs. Hannah Mwihaki Kibera,

Soho is dedicated to offering every client personalized attention and exceptional services focusing on quality over quantity,’ said Mrs. Kibera in an exclusive interview with the Corporate Watch Magazine.

The mother of four and interior designer adds that she was inspired to channel her creativity, vision and ambition into building something beautiful, something she and her husband would be truly proud of as a business.

Her passion for interior design birthed the name ‘SoHo’ an upmarket neighborhood in New York City where arts and luxury shopping meet.

With an initial investment of about Kshs8,000,000 (eight million), in just three months of operation, it is estimated the business is now worth Kshs10,000,000 (ten million) boasting of additional sophisticated equipment and products. ‘We are looking into growing the investment even more by providing cutting edge services and investing in the best equipment and staff,’ she added.

Indulge like royalty…
It all begins as you arrive at the spa and you are received by a highly trained concierge who directs you to the reception area where a wave of bliss comes over you. The reception area serves as an introduction to what’s to come.

Elegant furniture, a calming color scheme, and creative decor combined to create a mood that instantly calms the spirit. A calming atmosphere is created with well-chosen aromas, gentle lighting, and relaxing music.

When you set foot at Soho, the troubles of the outer world are left at the door in this universe where time seems to stand still.

The receptionist extends a warm welcome complete with a choice of a hot or cold drink, a glass of wine and some snacks. Next, she shows you around Soho spa’s amenities and makes sure you feel taken care of and at ease.

While at Soho beauty spa reception area, you may have a consultation with their qualified in-house therapists prior to starting any session. This goes beyond simply selecting a treatment. It also involves being aware of your individual wants, needs, and any worries you may have.

The range of services offered at Soho spa are tailored to meet all of your needs and ones that will hopefully surpass your expectations.

The therapists are knowledgeable about both the art of relaxation and the science underlying the treatments. They make sure that your experience is a holistic one rather than just a physical one. The beauticians, master barbers as well as the masseuses and masseurs are versatile, highly trained, highly exposed and bring on board a wealth of experience to the spa.

Why Soho barbershop and beauty spa?
Luxury spas include lots of amenities for customers, at Soho the management believes in offering the very best of services. ‘Even with the harsh economic times businesses are experiencing in the country, we remain positive. What sets us apart is our attention to detail in every area of the spa, and particularly when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene.

Moreover, Soho is demystifying the belief that once the sessions are over, your experience is over. ‘That is not the case! At Soho, you do not have to rush out the door after your session. You have the luxury of time to relax in a designated space or even outdoors.

You can meditate here, enjoy the post treatment effects of your pampering, or just soak in the tranquility of your surroundings acting as a reminder of an unforgettable experience of luxury and well-being,’ affirmed Mrs. Kibera.

Located in an own-compound stand-alone building the convenience of privacy and tranquility is underscored by this facility.

‘There will be no compromise on quality at Soho because we understand the fact that exclusive spas reach that level because they have stunning facilities with tons of amenities combined with highly skilled staff who offer excellent services. That combination is the recipe for success,’ noted Hannah.

The Now and the Future…
Targeting both men and women who appreciate the finer things in life and value for money, Soho barbershop and beauty spa is promising top-notch personalized and unrivalled services. While appreciating her staff for their professionalism and the good work so far, Mrs. Kibera is proud of the services. ‘To me, there is no greater joy than to come to work every day with a team of people who truly love their profession and find satisfaction in using their gifts and talents to provide extraordinary services,’ she adds.

Soho Barbershop and Beauty Spa
Soho Barbershop and Beauty Spa

Going forward, the sky is the limit for Soho as they focus on making it better. Already, expansion plans are at an advanced stage to see the introduction of a sauna and a steam shower to enhance customer experience.

‘To my fellow business owners, remain positive and keep the faith. When in the thick of things, try and remember why you started the business in the first place. Choose every day to do the best that you can and make your business a better place for every one you come in contact with. But above all, enjoy the journey and ask God for guidance in every step of the way,’ she concludes.

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