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Samsung Hosts Smartphone Experience

Samsung Electronics East Africa today hosted its first ever Smart Phone Experience event at the Urban Eatery restaurant in Nairobi. The event was aimed at showcasing the new smartphone technology that is available to smartphone users from Samsung this year. Key among the smartphones present at the showcase is the recently launched Galaxy S21 range of devices that are now available in the market. The electronics manufacturer also used the opportunity to launch their 2021 A-Series range of devices that are targeted at consumers who are looking to purchase more affordable smartphones.

Mr. Charles Kimari, Head of Integrated Mobile who was present at the event said “As Samsung we have a smartphone to suit every persons needs we have the really high end phones like the S21 Ultra and we have phones for someone on a budget like the A-series. Our main objective is to ensure that everyone is on a smartphone to ensure the ease in communication for business, for education, for social reasons and any other reason one might require a smartphone”.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 range of devices that were launched in January of this year were also displayed at the Smartphone Experience event where potential customers had an opportunity to interact with them as well get more information to allow them to make purchase decisions based on their needs. The Galaxy S21 range of devices were available to pre-order from 22nd January to 11th  February 2021, latest smartphones are now available in all Samsung dealer shops nationwide.

“2021 has been a very interesting year for the smartphone market in this market, we have seen very unusual purchase trends that have forces us to change our sales strategies. One example is the demand for devices with a high memory capacity has really increased by over 30% as compared to last year same time. The colour choices that consumers are making have also really changed, this time last year we saw most men buying black smartphones while women went for the colour options, however this year we are seeing a trend where men are buying a range of colours like the Vibrant violet which we have never seen before in this market. Last year we also saw a really high demand for our A Series with the A51 coming out as the bestselling phone globally.” Said Mr. Charles Kimari.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is crème of the newly launched S21 range of devices. The device now includes the capability to use the Galaxy Note series’ famous S Pen1 for the first time. This technology empowers you to draw, take notes, edit photos or even take a picture with the device set up from a distance. The S Pen compatibility means you can finesse and fine-tune while editing your videos down to the last frame, with the precision that your finger simply can’t touch. The  S 21 range of devices has received amazing reviews around the world. It is clearly Samsung’s greatest Galaxy yet. The new Galaxy S21 5G series builds on its impressive legacy to offer a premium flagship experience that makes every day epic

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