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‘Sigor boys’ arrested by detectives in Bomet

By Antynet Ford

Police in Bomet have arrested the gang of seven suspects who recorded themselves gang-raping a woman in a village.

This comes after the circulation of the video on social media, which showed the woman being gang raped by a gang of men in a house

In the video seen by Corporate Watch, the woman is heard screaming even as the gang pestered her to cooperate.

According to the police the assault occurred in Chebanyi village, Kimaya, Chepalungu.

The video is now known as ‘Sigor Boys’.

Police personnel, along with the area chief and Nyumba Kumi elders, mounted an operation in the region and apprehended the seven perpetrators.

Two of them were successfully identified. According to the authorities, the search for additional suspects is still ongoing.

Police also stated that they would appear in court and request that the suspects be held for an extended period as the investigation continues.

The incident, which occurred in December 2023, has been slammed online, with many demanding stricter steps to address similar incidents.

More detectives have been dispatched to the area to investigate the incident.

Gang rape carries a life sentence.

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According to the law, any person who commits rape or defilement in association with another or others, or any person who is in the company of another or others who conduct rape or defilement with common intent, is guilty of gang rape.

They are therefore said to be vulnerable, if convicted, to imprisonment for at least 15 years, but up to life.

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