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South Sudan closes schools indefinitely over extreme heat

By Antynet Ford

The government of South Sudan has ordered an indefinite closure of schools over the heatwave that could see temperatures rise to a high of 45C.

The health and education authorities of the country have urged parents to stop their children from playing outdoors for prolonged periods adding that the heatwave could last for two weeks.

Cases of death have been reported from the heatwave.

“There are already cases of deaths related to excessive heat being reported.”  The authorities said in a statement.

They said that the country was experiencing:  “Extended periods of high day and night-time temperatures that create cumulative physiological stress on the human body”.

Any school found open from Monday would have its registration withdrawn, the authorities warned.

At least week 15 children were reported to have died of meningitis and other heat-related illnesses, according to the health ministry.

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