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State announces plan to build a memorial at Shakahola

By Antynet Ford

The Kenya government has announced plans to build a memorial at Chakama ranch in Malindi, Kilifi County where the Shakahola massacre happened.

According to the Interior Affairs Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki, the memorial will serve as a reminder of what happened in perpetuity.

Kindiki stated this while in Kilifi Town after holding the State of the County Security Appraisal Forum with the Kilifi County Security Heads.

The CS also announced that the government had started releasing the bodies of Shakahola massacre victims yesterday to their families for burial.

He added that the government is conducting a check at the Shakahola forest to ensure the exhumation is complete and professionally closed.

“The process of release of the bodies of the victims of Shakahola massacre has commenced while the scene of crime teams are directed to make a final check at the Shakahola Forest to ensure the exhumation is complete and professionally closed.” He said.

“The Government will acquire parts of the Chakama Ranch where the main suspect carried out his atrocious crimes on the people of Kenya and build a memorial to remind us of what happened in perpetuity.” He added.

Kindiki has also promised to put to account public officials who allowed the massacre to happen under their watch.

“Once the Courts lift the prevailing injunction, the accountability of public officials who contributed to the occurrence of Shakahola atrocities in whatever manner will ensue through the Commission of Inquiry appointed by the President.” Kindiki stated.

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He put to notice land fraudsters and criminal gangs encroaching on public land, especially in the coastal region.

“Land fraud, illegal encroachment on private and public land, criminal gangs, the sale and consumption of illicit alcohol, narcotic drugs, and psychotropic substances and poor transition of children into secondary school are the key security and enforcement priorities in Kilifi County.” He said

429 bodies have been so far exhumed from Shakahola forest with 95 were rescued while starving to death over beliefs instilled by controversial preacher Paul Mackenzie.

34 bodies have so far been identified even as the government engages the families to bring closure.

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