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Trufoods, Top chefs champion the consumption of organic foods in a bid to grow a healthy living

Last year, Trufoods rolled out eggless products and will be introducing sugar-free products in the near future to drive the healthy living agenda.

Trufoods, in partnership with Top Chefs from across the country, has urged Kenyans to embrace organic food consumption in a bid to nurture a healthy lifestyle. This is in line with this year’s International Chef Day theme: Growing a healthy future. 

The food and grocery brands manufacturer of Zesta Jams, Zesta Sauces, Zesta Peanut butter, Choco primo drinking chocolate, Kenylon tomato paste and Kenylon canned veggies gathered top chefs to celebrate their contribution to Kenya’s food industry on behalf of Kenya’s chefs during this year’s International Chef Day, held on 20th October 2022. 

Drawn from top-tier hotels across the country, the chefs were challenged to create recipes out of healthy foods and support Healthy Food for the Future as they mark International Chef Day. 

Giving his Keynote remarks during a session with the Chefs, Trufoods Chief Executive Officer Sagar Malde said, “Consumers, not only in Kenya but from all over the world are increasingly becoming more concerned about the quality of their food supply besides being more health conscious.

As Trufoods, we have made a deliberate decision to continue using real fruits and other primary products free from artificial additives to ensure we provide the safest and healthiest experience to the consumer”. 

Besides using real tomatoes and fruits in their Zesta Products, Trufoods further announced an ongoing exercise to transition from plastic to glass packaging of some of their products to not only grow a healthy future but also protect the environment as glass is natural, sustainable, and recyclable. So far, the company has reduced plastic content in their packaging by nearly 30 per cent and seeks to increase further by 2023.

Speaking at the session, Muthaiga Golf Club Executive Chef, Chef John Macharia said, “the reason for celebrating international chef day is sustainability, seasonality and providence of the products that we have in Kenya.

This is why we are pushing for more chefs to use and maintain a healthy future. As chefs, we need to be knowledgeable about changing consumers’ market needs.

Besides, as a country, we need to go natural and do our compost as opposed to over-relying on fertilizer. This will help us to get proper products that will enable the growth of a healthier and more productive populace.” 

“As a country, we need to encourage organic foods because it’s safe. Let’s promote the farmers in this space because that’s the only way the country will be free from diseases. I further challenge fellow chefs to grow a healthy future by adopting the usage of natural products in their recipes, more so those made locally as this also supports our farmers to grow locally and spread their wings internationally” Said Panari Group Hotels Executive Chef, Chef Emily Anjeo. 

Moving into 2023, and in line with their mission to provide high-quality and sustainable food products through improved efficiencies, focused customer service and increased brand equity built on quality products, Trufoods will be rolling out new product developments. Specifically, the company will roll out sugar-free products in the near future to drive the healthy living agenda.

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