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Twenty Bars, two pharmacies shutdown in Kericho as crackdown continues

By Antynet Ford

Twenty bars and two pharmacies were yesterday shut down during an operation against the illegal manufacture, sale, and distribution of illicit alcohol in Belgut.

Deputy County Commissioner for Belgut Michael Ololtuaa reported that the operation will continue until they can guarantee the safety of alcoholic products being distributed in the area.

Ololtuaa reported that more than twenty people were also arrested during the raids.

He cautioned those running unlicensed alcohol businesses in the whole of Kericho county saying that the authorities will not allow the distribution of the products.

Further, he revealed that the two pharmacies were being illegally operated at Kapsoit.

The operation is part of the nationwide crackdown rolled out by Interior CS Kithure Kindiki last week.

The nationwide crackdown was initiated by the government to combat the manufacture, sale, consumption, and abuse of illicit alcohol and narcotic drugs after several people were reported dead in Kirinyaga County for consuming alleged illicit liquor.

“Unlike past operations that were hampered by competing political and commercial interests, the ongoing exercise is a security operation to tackle a national threat and devoid of politics.’’ Kindiki said.

“Like the fight against terrorism, banditry, and organized crime, the crackdown on manufacturers, distributors, and traders involved in the illicit liquor and narcotic drugs enterprise is a security operation that will be undertaken without any politicization or vested business interests.”

The CS cautioned security officers aiding or abetting the distribution and consumption of toxic substances leading to loss of lives and injury will not be transferred to other jurisdictions and will be fired.

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