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Aga Khan University Celebrates 10 Years Of Impact In Quality Teaching And Learning

The Aga Khan University (AKU) Network of Quality, Teaching and Learning has launched a compilation of impact stories in higher education as it celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

The publication titled “Transforming Teaching & Learning in Higher Education: Stories of Impact from the Aga Khan University” was co-published with Advance HE in the UK. The e-book includes impact stories from faculty and academic staff who detail the transformative power of education and the University’s commitment to nurturing it.

Professor Tashmin Khamis, Vice Provost, Quality, Teaching and Learning at AKU speaking at the launch noted that investments in faculty development were seen to elicit the highest returns for student success.

“The case studies reflect on impacts made on teaching practice, student, engagement, technology transformation in learning and an institutional teaching culture that is research-led and student-centred.  As we reflect on the past ten years, we see the ripple effects of our dedication to quality education that extends far beyond our campuses,” she said.

Professor Jane Rarieya, AKU Dean, Institute for Educational Development in East Africa, reiterated that investing in faculty was found to lead to enhanced collaboration, increased engagement in scholarship of teaching and learning, and faculty-led education initiatives and thus making the book relevant for senior education readers, teaching faculty, education developers, education technologists and education researchers.

The publication also highlights the importance of continuous competency development in teaching faculty.

“Sharing and learning from good practice is the bedrock of continuous professional development and the relentless pursuit of teaching excellence – and there is an abundance of quality work in these studies,” said Professor Will Foster, Advance HE Assistant Director, Professional Recognition.

“I am also very pleased to see the positive footprint of the Professional Standards Framework (PSF) and Advance HE Fellowship throughout this work. Combined, the Professional Standards Framework and Fellowship motivate, recognise, and reward good teaching and underpin confidence in teaching practice such as in these case studies.”

The last 10 years have reshaped the landscape of higher education at the university and in the communities they serve. The Aga Khan University is the first university in the developing world to gain accreditation by Advance HE in the UK. This achievement means that AKU’s commitment to professionalizing teaching and supporting learning is now internationally benchmarked against the Professional Standards Framework for higher education.

The Aga Khan University also holds the distinction of being the sole accredited institution in East Africa and Pakistan with the authority to confer faculty Higher Education Academy Fellowships.

This prestigious recognition speaks volumes about the outstanding work carried out by the Aga Khan University Network of Quality, Teaching and Learning across the university’s campuses, where excellence in teaching is at the heart of their mission.

Within the vibrant ecosystem of the Aga Khan University Network of Quality, Teaching and Learning, the Haile T. Debas Teachers’ Academy was nurtured – the first interdisciplinary Academy of its kind in the developing world.

It is comprised of exceptional AKU teachers, who have earned recognition for their excellence in teaching and leadership in higher education. Together, they inspire and mentor the next generation of educators.


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