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KEMSA Ropes In Local Manufacturers In Bid To Spur Economic Growth

In a significant stride to advance the Kenyan government ‘One Health’ approach, KEMSA has enhanced reservation of Health Products and Technologies (HPT’s) tenders to local manufacturers.

This Financial Year, under the Pharmaceuticals category, in terms of value, the Authority reserved 58% tender allocation while in Non-Pharmaceuticals 25% has been set aside, given that few of these products are manufactured locally.

KEMSA Ag. Chief Executive Officer Dr. Andrew Mulwa, averred that the tender advertisements have incorporated a requirement that only local manufacturers are eligible to participate. It means that bids submitted by non-local manufacturers would be disqualified.

“For purposes of compliance, KEMSA is conducting due diligence to ascertain that firms recommended for award are local manufacturers of the products. This will eliminate firms that are not local manufactures from being awarded the tenders,” explained Dr. Mulwa.

Realising Value for Money…
On 10th August 2023, KEMSA held a Pre-bid conference where interested bidders were taken through the tendering process and areas of compliance were emphasized to ensure competitiveness.

During the event attended by over 300 representatives from different firms, interested bidders sought clarification of tender specifications and other requirements. The aim of the pre-bid conference was to improve responsiveness, following growing concerns by KEMSA that various bidders got disqualified in previous tenders because of easily avoidable mistakes.

Dr. Mulwa observed that high tender responses yields competitiveness, therefore leading to better pricing and value for money.

He added, “It translates to affordable Health Products and Technologies, which supports the Government agenda to promote homegrown solutions to lower the cost of healthcare.”

Health CS, Nakhumicha S. Wafula engaged in discussions with local suppliers during the suppliers and stakeholders brainstorm conference at College of Insurance in an effort to support buy Kenya, build Kenya.

Prioritizing Local Manufacturing: The Role of KEMSA…
As part of its commitment to ‘Buy Kenya, Build Kenya,’ a key tenet of the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA), the Cabinet directed Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) to give preference to locally manufactured pharmaceutical products over imports.

This decision aligns with the government’s broader strategy to enhance local manufacturing capabilities, creating jobs and bolstering the national economy.

This move also has a direct impact on healthcare resilience. By sourcing locally manufactured pharmaceuticals, Kenya can minimize its vulnerability to supply chain disruptions and better ensure a consistent supply of critical medical supplies.
A Bright Future for Kenya’s Health…
Kenya’s ‘One Health’ approach is more than a vision; it’s a concrete commitment to strengthening healthcare systems at home and advocating for global health equity.

Prioritizing local manufacturers not only enhances Kenya’s self-reliance but also fosters a resilient health ecosystem that is essential for the well-being of the nation’s citizens. As these policies take root and local manufacturing flourishes, Kenya’s health sector is poised for a brighter, more self-reliant future.

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