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Director Trevor dismisses claims of assaulting Eve Mungai

By Antynet Ford

Eve Mungai’s ex-boyfriend director Trevor has dismissed ongoing allegations that he assaulted his ex-girlfriend.

During an interview with a local podcaster, Trevor denied the rumours stating that he has never laid a hand on his ex.

He went on to clarify that the allegations were crafted to deviate the public from the fact that Eve hit him with a cooking stick.

Trevor also alleged that the rumors were first brought to the public by Eve through her friend’s Instagram page. He went on to accuse his ex-girlfriend of providing wrong information to save herself from the wrath of the public.

“She went to give ‘tea’ to Edgar Obare using an Instagram account of her friend. There is a lady who gave screenshots of Eve having hit me with the cooking stick and a bandage. So she went giving ‘tea’ to Edgar… Do you think if Eve had evidence of me having hit her she would have gone to Edgar? She went to change the story and not make it appear like a lady can hit a man for it not to be a big deal.” Trevor stated.

When asked to defend his allegations, Trevor explained that Eve hit him because she caught him using her phone charger.

“…It was something small, I do not want to paint her as a bad person but I was using her charger and she got angry, took my phone, and threw it.” He added.

The two parted ways both personally and professionally on February 19, 2024.

In a series of Insta Stories on February 19, 2024, Trevor disclosed that he had assumed full control of the YouTube channel and no longer needed Eve Mungai’s services.

Asked whether he would continue working with his ex-girlfriend, Trevor who rebranded the YouTube channel to ‘Kenya Online Media’ asserted that their joint platforms had been terminated.

“No! Her services are no longer needed.” He said.

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