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Eliud Kipchoge Speaks of Threats Directed at Him and His Family over Kiptum’s Death

Speaking on what was transpiring in his life during this period, Eliud Kipchoge has revealed that he received threats that were also extended to his family.

The threats come from people he did not know targeted him even in his training camp and business investments.

However, none of these threats came to reality, Eliud Kipchoge revealed.

”I was shocked that people on social media platforms are saying ‘Eliud Kipchoge was involved in the death of this boy’. That was my worst news ever in my life. I received a lot of bad news; that they will burn the training camp, they will burn my investments in town, they will burn my house, they will burn my family,” lamented Kipchoge.

“Where I come from is a really local area. And with the age of my mum, I really realized that social media could go everywhere. But she gave me courage. It was really a tough month,” he said during an interview with the BBC.

Despite his home turf being very interior, the effects of the social media threats reached his family.

He revealed that his first reaction at the backdrop of the threats was to call his mother to confirm her safety.

This further affected the lifestyle of his children as they could not keep on with their usual leisure activities.

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