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Government Urged to Expand CBC Centers and Invest in AI Education in Kenya

Education stakeholders have called upon the Kenyan government to significantly increase its investment in the education sector by replicating Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) centers across all counties.

This call was made during the launch of an AI center at the Gravity CBC center in Nairobi, marking a significant milestone in the modernization of Kenya’s education system.

The stakeholders proposed that schools without adequate facilities should have access to CBC centers in common areas within their counties. This move aims to ensure that all students, regardless of their school’s resources, have access to quality education.

The AI center at Gravity CBC is set to revolutionize learning through the use of games and play, making education more enjoyable and engaging for students. Duncan Arimi, the CEO of the center, highlighted the center’s use of a locally assembled super machine designed to motivate learners.

“We believe in making learning enjoyable and interactive. Our locally assembled super machine is a testament to our commitment to revolutionize education in Kenya,” said Arimi.

To further emphasize the importance of artificial intelligence in education, the center is hosting a free expo for school heads throughout the week. The expo aims to showcase the potential of AI in enhancing learning outcomes and preparing students for the future.

School heads who attended the launch event expressed their support and enthusiasm for the CBC system. They praised the curriculum for its forward-thinking approach in molding children for the future.

“The CBC is the best thing that has happened to our education system. It is preparing our children for the challenges of the future,” commented one of the attending school heads.

Paul Wanjohi, a board member of the center and leader of APBET Schools, challenged the government to prioritize teacher training and retooling to enable educators to keep pace with advancements in education.

“As we embrace technological advancements in education, it is crucial that our teachers are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. I urge the government to invest in retraining our teachers to ensure they are well-prepared to deliver quality education,” said Wanjohi.

The launch of the AI center at Gravity CBC center and the calls for increased investment in the education sector reflect a growing recognition of the importance of modernizing and adapting Kenya’s education system to meet the needs of the 21st century. As stakeholders continue to advocate for these changes, it is hoped that the government will heed their calls and prioritize the future of education in Kenya.

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