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Multichoice Launches New Local Show ‘Shanga’ to Replace ‘Salem’

Multichoice Kenya, a leading entertainment and pay-TV provider in the country, has launched a new Kenyan TV series, Shanga at Maasai Lodge, Nairobi County.

The new series will replace Salem and will air every Monday through to Friday on Maisha Magic Plus, available on DStv Channel 163 and GOtv Channel 3 at 8:00 p.m.

Featuring Brahim Ouma (renowned for this role in the ‘Pepeta’ show) and Foi Wambui (recognized for her role in ‘Salem’), Shanga follows the story of Soilan, a Maasai girl. When Naibei forcefully claims her as his bride, Soilan bravely stands up to him, sending shockwaves through the village.

This defiance leads to a confrontation at the Eunoto ceremony – a significant Maasai rite of passage where young men have their hair shaved, symbolizing their transition to adulthood – between Naibei and the renowned Maasai Moran named Ledama.

The story follows three main characters who, amidst pursuing their dreams, find themselves entangled in a love triangle. Their aspirations and challenges are vividly depicted in this rags-to-riches narrative, richly intertwined with fashion, culture, color, and vibrancy.

The Maasai culture and its ‘nuances’ play a significant role in the storyline.

Nzola Miranda, Managing Director, MultiChoice Kenya noted: “Today marks an exciting milestone for our viewers as we introduce ‘Shanga’, a compelling addition to our local content offerings. We are committed to promoting local talent and narratives, fostering cultural preservation, and creating employment opportunities for Kenyans.”

“As Kenya’s most loved storyteller, we take pride in curating the country’s largest collection of local shows and remain committed to investing in local content. Local productions preserve cultural identity and promote diversity,” noted Miranda.

Shanga joins a lineup of outstanding local productions, including ‘Kam U Stay,’ recently honored as Best TV Comedy at the Kalasha Awards, and ‘Haki Mwitu.’

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As we look forward, our commitment is to continue producing and airing exciting and riveting local content and support Kenya Film Commission and Government grow local content.

We will continue to collaborate with film production companies to create high quality content that captivate global audiences.

Through industry-wide cooperation, our filmmakers and crew members will become household names beyond Kenya’s borders,” added Mr. Miranda.

On his part, Elisha Kamau, Public Relations Manager, MultiChoice Kenya noted:
“The new local show is a demonstration of our commitment to continue investing in the Kenyan creative industry and local talents while telling stories that resonate with our customers.”

Among the key influencers and cast that attended the launch event include Damaris Irungu, Producer Kam U Stay, Podcasters and Content Creators Lydia KM and Murugi Munyi, and Performing Artist, Sanaipei Tande.

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