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Gunman fatally shot after robbery incident in Korogocho

By Antynet Ford

Police in the Korogocho slums of Nairobi fatally shot a gunman who had stabbed and injured two men in a robbery incident.

The gunman was among the gang of two who had been attacking and robbing pedestrians in the Kisumu Ndogo area.

The police made a chase on the gang after they had stabbed and wounded two men in one of the robbery incidents.

According to police, the gang also stole mobile phones and cash from the victims who had resisted their orders hence prompting the stabbing in the stomach.

Police on patrol were alerted and a chase ensued which ended up at the nearby Nairobi River where one of the suspects was shot and killed.

A pistol and a knife were recovered from the slain suspect in the April 2 incident.

His accomplice managed to escape the scene.

Nairobi regional police Boss Adamson Bungei stated that the victims who had been stabbed were taken to Mama Lucy hospital and are in stable condition.

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“The two victims were taken to Mama Lucy Hospital where they were admitted in stable condition.” Bungei said.

The body of the suspect was moved to the mortuary pending identification and autopsy.

Police say they have enhanced operations in the city to address cases of violent robberies which have recently been on the rise.

The police have also advised victims of robberies to cooperate whenever attacked for the sake of their safety.

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