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‘Striking is not an option currently’ Panyako denounces nurses strike

Nurses have stated that they are not in a rush to join other healthcare professions on strike.

The Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN) Secretary General Seth Panyako today announced that they will give priority to diplomacy and alternative dispute resolution with the

“Kenya National Union of Nurses has been keen on handling the issues with relevant institutions. Despite the demands from pre-nursing interns, we have not issued a strike notice yet as we believe in diplomacy and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.” The SG stated.

Panyako said the union’s national leaders have been consulting regional leaders before deciding on the way forward.

In its resolutions, the KNUN National Executive Committee decided that the union will continue with an alternative dispute resolution mechanism adding that going on strike is not a suitable option.

The SG outlined that there is good progress on the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) at both levels of government towards signing the CBA with the union and that both parties are planning to meet next week for a conclusion.

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On interns, KNUN has urged the pre-nurse interns to remain patient as negotiations go on to ensure the stipend payment issue is reviewed to conform with the Schemes of Service.

“We will proceed to take other legal measures if need be concerning a circular that reduced the intern’s pay from the previous job group K to a lower stipend pay. On UHC, the government has approved the employment of UHC into permanent and pensionable terms effective 1st June 2024.” Panyako added.

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