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KEMSA Set To Replenish Community Health Promoters Kits For Preventive Care


In preparation for the launch of Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC) program, set to be unveiled on October 20th, 2023 during this year’s Mashujaa day celebrations, the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) has taken a proactive step to maintain adequate stocks of Community Health Promoters (CHPs) kits in support of the Governments effort to boost household preventive care.

KEMSA has stocked about 5,800 CHP kits, to supplement quantities supplied to counties during the official launch by President William Ruto in September.

Under this ambitious program, the government deployed 103,000 Community Health promoters across the country. Each promoter will take responsibility for 100 households, playing a pivotal role in early detection of health issues and managing minor ailments at household level.

This initiative is part of the Government’s grand plan to roll out Primary Healthcare with an aim to reduce the burden on public health facilities and improve access to healthcare for all citizens.

The Authority will replenish CHP kits consumables through the public health facilities supplied by KEMSA on need basis.

KEMSA’s role in this transformative endeavor is the provision of essential kits for the health promoters. These kits are designed to empower the community health workers with the necessary tools to provide preventive healthcare at the grassroots level.

Each kit includes:
A backpack carrier bag for easy mobility.
A first aid box, ensuring immediate care for minor injuries.
Jackets in medium and large sizes for proper identification.
Weighing scales to monitor health changes effectively.
Infrared clinical thermometers to diagnose fevers and illnesses promptly.
Muac tape (pediatric) to assess child nutrition and health.
A mid-upper arm circumference Muac tape (adult) to monitor the nutritional status of adults.

These kits will empower CHPs to conduct regular check-ups, offer preventive healthcare advice, and assist community members in maintaining their well-being.

The primary health care approach represents a significant investment in preventive care. By managing minor ailments early on and promoting good health practices at the community level, the government anticipates a reduction in the congestion of healthcare facilities.

President William Ruto emphasized the significance of the program in decongesting hospitals and optimizing healthcare resources.

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