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Kirinyaga families affected by floods as they blame contractor over blocked culverts

By Antynet Ford

Angry residents of Kirinyaga have blamed the contractor of Kenol-Marwa dual carriage for failing to unblock culverts which they claim is the cause of floods in the area.

The citizens said they have sent letters to constructors and the county government of Kirinyaga before the start of the rain season but it has all been in Vain with no response.

“We have sent several letters to the constructor, Kirinyaga governor, and area MCA even before the rain started.” A resident Simon Ngure stated.

They said that they have previously urged Kirinyaga Senator James Kamau to raise the issue in the Senate as the construction of a flyover in Makutano is forcing the water into nearby residential areas.

“We want development. We are not against it but water must be chanelled to the right direction and at the same time we want the contractor from the Chinese company to compensate us,” Ngure said.

This comes as over 20 families and traders in Makutano area, Kirinyaga County are counting losses following Tuesday night’s heavy downpour.

Tge residents living along the Makutano-Mwea highway were the most affected due to the poor water drainage systems from Mbeere area of Embu County.

One of the residents said her seven-foot perimeter wall, valued at over Ksh.100,000, was destroyed by the strong water currents.

“The floods were mixed with human waste and we fear an outbreak of waterborne diseases like cholera.” She said.

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