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Avoid divisive politics unity is key, Coast Leaders Told

Coast leaders have been challenged to unite and work closely with each other to achieve faster development in the region.

According to Mombasa youth leader, Evans Momanyi the divisions among leaders is the main cause of slow and lack of developement in the region.

Momanyi told the leaders to always put the interests of Wananchi ahead of all other partisan considerations.

“Political parties are just vehicles that you use to get to office but you should not allow them to divide you. You are all from the same region so work together and solve the challenges facing the region.” said Momanyi.

Momanyi noted that time has come for leaders to think of how they would like to be remembered by current and future generations.

Momanyi “We must start thinking about the future, what will the future generation say about you as the leader, is there any impact that you will have created in their lives. Start asking yourselves how will the politics of division, hate and backstabbing help the region.”

His sentiments comes just days after Coast politicians led by Senate speaker Amason Kingi also called for unity among the leaders.

Speaking during an iftar hosted by EALA Mp Hassan Omar, Kingi challenged the politicians to look for a common political party with interests of the region and people at heart.

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