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Korogocho MCA Threatens Action as Kenya Breweries Plans Job Cuts

Korogocho Member of County Assembly (MCA), Abisalom Odhiambo, popularly known as Matach, has issued a stern warning to Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) over its alleged plans to lay off hundreds of staff members.

The contentious move by KBL involves outsourcing loading duties to a multinational company, potentially leaving over 500 casual workers without employment.

In response to the impending job cuts, Matach has declared his intent to take decisive action. The MCA has vowed to physically intervene by storming KBL premises if necessary to halt the termination of staff contracts.

Expressing deep concern for the welfare of the affected workers, Matach emphasized that the community would not tolerate any entity that fails to prioritize the livelihoods of its people.

The issue came to light following a notice issued by KBL, which confirmed the impending dismissal of over 500 casual workers due to the outsourcing of loading duties.

Matach’s vocal opposition underscores the growing unease among local leaders and communities regarding job security, particularly for vulnerable casual workers.

“We are not going to joke with anyone who is firing our people; they must go home too. We can’t tolerate those who do not consider us,” Matach asserted in a statement addressing the situation.

The standoff between Matach and KBL highlights broader socio-economic challenges facing communities in Korogocho and beyond.

With unemployment rates already high and the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating economic hardships, the looming job cuts at KBL represent a significant blow to the affected workers and their families.

As tensions escalate, all eyes are on Kenya Breweries Limited and local authorities to address the concerns raised by Matach and the affected community members.

The outcome of this standoff could have far-reaching implications not only for the future of casual workers at KBL but also for labor relations and corporate responsibility in Kenya’s brewing industry.

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