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Rashid Echesa Plans Legal Action Against Kakamega Governor Fernandez Baraza

In what appears to be a brewing legal battle, former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa is gearing up to initiate court proceedings against Kakamega Governor Fernandez Baraza.

Echesa intends to file an application seeking court orders permitting him to conduct private investigations into allegations against the Kakamega county leader.

Echesa alleges that despite filing a complaint against Governor Baraza, no action has been taken, prompting him to seek legal avenues to ensure the governor is subjected to interrogation by relevant authorities.

Released on a personal bond of 2 million by the High Court on Wednesday following his dramatic arrest, Echesa questions the circumstances surrounding his detention.

He asserts that despite his complaint against Governor Baraza, he was arrested, detained, and denied bond, prompting concerns over potential violations of his rights.

City lawyer Danstan Omari, representing Echesa, argues that his client’s rights were infringed upon by the manner in which he was treated by criminal investigation officers.

Omari states that Echesa was denied bond and prevented from access to legal representation or family members, actions he deems unconstitutional.

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In response, legal action, including an investigation into Governor Fernandez Baraza, is being pursued.

High Court Judge Diana Kavedza, granting Echesa bond, ordered the police not to arrest or intimidate him while he receives treatment at Karen Hospital.

Additionally, Kavedza instructed Echesa, who currently chairs the Kenya Water Towers, to appear before the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) for further interrogation and investigation before entering a plea.

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